The Feng Shui Essential Guide – Download


As this guide enters into your life, feel & experience the abundance of blessings it brings with it. You have planted the seed, now watch your journey grow and unfold like a beautiful flower.

– 20 beautifully illustrated pages
– Discover the deeper meaning behind Feng Shui
– Guidelines to intention setting for best results
– Suggested Crystals, Colours & Objects to work with
– Classic & Western Feng Shui Bagua

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With a resurgence in traditional methods, implementing the ancient art of Feng Shui into our daily lives supports us in reconnecting to ourselves and becoming present in our natural environment. This powerful practice works by increasing positive flowing chi and reducing the negative chi within both our physical bodies & sacred spaces. The physical changes we make to our environment will result in transforming all aspects of our lives. You can create abundance, build reputation, enhance relationships, strengthen family, become centred, inspire creativity, develop inner knowledge, shape your career and attract helpful people all by intuitively following the feng shui principles.

*Please be aware this guide is exactly that, a guide to start you on your Feng Shui journey. The combined energy of each individual person and home is unique. I highly recommend you consult a Feng Shui Consultant or Master if you are experiencing difficulties or you desire to take your life to another level.